Gonna make you sweat

And more about sex! Yay! Another study, this one from our friends in sexy Stockholm, shows that gay men react to odors more like women do than like hetero men do.
Using two chemicals with pheromonal properties (estrogen from lady pee and testosterone from man sweat), the naughty but curious scientists watched what the brain did when sensing those scents. Most men react to the estrogen compound by lighting up their hypothalamus where sexual behavior lives. They react to testosterone as “just another smell.” In women, the reactions are reversed.
Then they added a third test group made up of gay men — and their brains reacted just like the women’s did.
Then they showed all three test groups a new pair of Prada Sport trainers. The men reacted by looking for a bag of potato chips and farting, while the women wondered if they came in their size. The gay men squeeled and did that knee-bounce thing and asked for a discount.

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