Irony in the lobby

Republican House leader Tom DeLay is under intensifying scrutiny for some potentially shady dealings involving money, travel and lobbyists. Democrats and even some Republicans are pushing for investigations into his dealings and are questioning his continuing role as a leader in the House when he can’t keep his own house in order. But guess who’s coming to his defense, throwing him a big dinner and even warning other Republicans that “if you want support from conservatives in the future, you better be in the forefront of those standing beside Tom DeLay.”
Why, it’s none other than the conservative lobbyists, themselves! Yes, in an effort to bully and frighten and greenmail other Republicans into backing up their mouthpiece, hundreds of conservative politicos from organizations like the Traditional Values Coalition and the Heritage Foundation (man, do these people enjoy using antonyms or what?) are coming together to prop up their stick-figure with a $2,000 a table feed.
Hail to the thief!

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