The $45,000 cat

Paula Roemer used to let her pet cat, Yofi, outside to roam about and go meow and pee and cover up the pee and so forth, until her neighbor’s dog broke through a fence and attacked Yofi, killing the kitty as dogs are wont to do.
Paula’s neighbor has been ordered by a court to compensate her $45,000 in total — $30,000 for the cat, and $15,000 for emotional distress.
Now, I’m a cat owner. I love my kitty. I worry when she disappears, particularly since I never let her outside where cars could run her down or other cats could think she’s a bitch and want to flay her ass or a dog could, y’know, do what dogs ordinarily do to cats.
I can see that emotional distress has a price and all, but a $30,000 cat? The hell?

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