Somebody shoot me. I agree with Nick Denton.

As for the blog revolution, Mr. Denton put it this way: “Give me a break.”

Aieee! It’s the apocalypso! In a drooling, fawning, icky sort of profile that doesn’t include a picture of the ever-cute Choire Sicha, The NY Times drinks the Kool Aid and calls Gawker Media mogel Nick Denton “tall, slim, and salt-and-pepper handsome.” And never once mentions his gigantic head.
Methinks Tom Zeller, Jr. wants a job where he, too, can sit in his pajamas and make shit up all day — although, isn’t that exactly what New York Times reporters are paid to do, now?
Anyway, the three-page spread (and I do mean spread (whatever I do mean by that)) goes into sordid detail about who’s doing what and when, for how much, why and what it all means — which is, if we are to believe Mssr. Denton, not a goddamned thing.
To which I can only nod in agreement and go back to my low-fat grande latte and chocolate croissant and try to find other crap to make fun of. (Hey! Where’s my micropayment plan?)

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