Ann Coulter, much?

At a hammer-themed $250-a-plate dinner honoring him with giant red, white and blue cakes topped with candy hammers and a frightening rendition of “If I Had a Hammer,” Chief Republican Hammer Tom DeLay labeled Democrats as the party with no class.
DeLay was being feted by the conservative black holes who financially support his political largesse by flying him to distant lands so he can pay his wife half-million-dollar fees with the money he’s saving. The “no class” comment was directed at Nevada Democrat Harry Reid’s remark to a group of school children when he called the current president a lying warmonger with delusions of granduer who surrounds himself in an impenetrable wall of narrow-minded theocratic lackeys and bootlicks who have plunged this country into an abyss of debt and centrist dogma .
Oh. Wait. He called him “a loser.” I guess that other stuff just popped into my head when I was considering what sort of man George W. is. My mistake.

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