Concert tickets too much? Blame yourself!

Slate’s Daniel Gross reports on a Princeston study that says the reason ticket prices are astronomically high is because musicians aren’t seeing enough money from music sales so they’re pumping up concert receipts to compensate for their expensive lifestyle.
Yes, it’s the fault of downloaders like you that I have to pay $150 to see a goddam Cher concert! Even though I am also a downloader and didn’t actually go see a Cher concert, I still prefer to blame you!
But another interesting finding is that if rockstars (and/or their promoters) did a better job of pricing tickets (i.e. more like baseball stadiums, which better seats costing more than cheap/bad ones) they’d also get to keep a bigger share of those profits themselves instead of watching evil, icky scalpers taking advantage of the fact that all tickets generally cost the same.
Case in point: At a $75 per ticket Bruce Springsteen concert, good seats (which owners were unlikely to give up regardless of how much they were offered) went for $1,000, but nosebleeds (which the original ticket holders were more than happy to surrender for a profit) went for $280.

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