Godless Americans unite!

Atheists have two things in common; they don’t believe in God, and they’re not fans of getting organized. The other religions may have churches to attend to celebrate their mutual belief structures, but atheists just sit alone on Sundays watching TV and not thinking about Jesus at all.
So this weekend in Satanland, AKA San Francisco, California, atheists are getting together for the first All Atheist Weekend, joining to talk about how there isn’t a God, and America wasn’t chosen by God to do anything special (because there is no God) and how Christ was “just this guy, y’know?”
The organizers say that the current environment of Christian political activism has them feeling threatened. Taking the song “This Land is Your Land” rather seriously, they feel it’s time to raise their voices and let America know that having no religion is also a religion, even if you don’t believe that, which they totally get, even if you don’t.
And what do atheists do when they get together? They plan to watch a “Michael Moore-styled” documentary called “The God Who Wasn’t There” and play games like “Pin the big hat on the Nazi Pope.”

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