Palpatine moving in for the kill

Now that our glorious Emperor has control of the Imperial Senate and most of the outlying planetary system governors, he is using his dark powers to try to take over the courts as well. While the Empire’s Sithpublicans are lined up in full support, the Jedicrats will attempt this week to short-circuit his hand-picked judge appointees by boring us all to death, inciting long, mind-numbing, incredibly pointless dialog at each other and pretending it all means something.
Using the age-old reliable form of trying to talk us all into subordination, it is likely that a war of words will turn into a war about words, with both sides promising that by the end of this final battle, nothing will be the same as it ever was. Water flowing underground.
Jedi Master Harry Reid (the one with the surfboard for a head, not the little green guy with ear hair) will take to the holowaves tonight and sit on your table like a little blue flashing doll, delivering a 90-second appeal to the people of the Republic that giving absolute power to the Emperor now will set us on a path from which we can never return — at least until the prophesy of the chosen one is fulfilled and we get some middleground Libertarian to come forward and tell the hardliners on either side that they’re all jerks.
Then there’s a big bonfire and some fireworks and the stupid, annoying teddybears on the Moon of Endor will sing some song about Jubjubs or something like that.

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