Blogging your own murder

Maybe I should stop making fun of those people who feel compelled to update their Blogs with every tiny detail of their boring lives, particularly when one of those otherwise boring details is about how annoyed you are by the guy in your apartment who’s about to kill you.
Simon Ng of Queens, New York was updating his Blog, complaining about his sister’s ex-boyfriend being in the apartment and wishing he’d leave, for crying out loud. Shortly after, said boyfriend tied Simon up and stabbed him to death with a butcher knife. His motive was to steal cash from Simon and his sister to pay for his own plane ride back to China. The Blog entry places him at the scene of the crime.
So… uh… man, work is boring today. I’m on a long conference call and Dan is over at his desk typing something. Type, typety, type! So much typing! I sure hope he’s typing something interesting. Hmm, now what the hell does he need with that fluorescent tube and can of gasoline?

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