Yo money? My money!

Here’s a scary little scheme for you to fear, because all it takes is for you to give a check to the wrong person and, voila, they control your checking account.
See if you can follow this: A site called Qchex.com allows anyone to go there and set up an account in order to send checks to anyone with an email address. The site uses demand-drafts — checks that don’t need a signature and banks will routinely honor them. Usually these are used by businesses to draw money from your account with your ok. They’re completely legal, but the problem is that Qchex doesn’t require any form of verification that the account information you provide them is, in fact, for an account you own. All they require is an email address.
See the problem? So now, anyone else you gave a check to has your account number and bank routing number. They go to Qchex.com, register your account as theirs and request your bank to send them a check. Voila! Check fraud made easy!
What’s Qchex’s response to this? They urge you to go register your account info on their site — before somebody else does.

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