Dumb detox

USC researchers now say that all those detoxification diets that supposedly rid your body of toxins and clean out your system through regimens of drinking lots of tea or not drinking any coffee or restricting yourself to fruit actually don’t detox at all. Instead, by eliminating unhealthy parts of your diet — or increasing the healthy parts — your body just naturally shows the obvious effects.
For example, drinking lots of water will lead to clearer skin not because you’ve suddenly washed out some icky unnamed bad crap but because you’ve increased the hydration of your skin. If you suddenly notice you’re not suffering from headaches after restricting the consumption of coffee or alcohol, that’s because caffeine and alcohol cause headaches.
The term “detox” itself turns out to be meaningless altogether since the body is designed to excrete the stuff it doesn’t want in it naturally. Plus, restrictive diets can cause adverse effects in the long term, so the best bet it — no surprise — a balanced diet.

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