IBM’s chip shot: Buy EA?

Rich Karlgaard gives us the rundown on the future of computing, tracking the state-of-the-art from IBM’s first successful business mainframe, the 360, up to tomorrow’s “military-caliber supercomputers disguised as (a) toy,” the XBOX360 and comes to the conclusion that with IBM’s future providing chips for desktops and laptops all but dead, the company should do its shareholders a favor and buy up Electronic Arts.
Don’t scoff, his logic bears closer scrutiny. Keep in mind that most of tomorrow’s workforce spends a lot of its time playing video games. Also, both Microsoft and Sony are relying on IBM to make their next-gen gaming engines purr with lifelike graphics and more computing power than anything else you’ll own. And Electronic Arts, a $16.1 billion company, has the rights sewn up to virtually all the sports franchises going (NFL, NBA, ESPN, FIFA, Nascar) — and sports is the biggest hook in the video game pond.

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