“Jesus Juice” Jackson: Inappropriate but innocent

Remember what I said about California? You can add yet another chapter to that book, because a jury in Santa Maria thinks that 46-year-old men sleeping (and only sleeping) with adolescent boys is apparently just fine and dandy, as The King of Pop and the President of Odd was found not guilty of all charges in his child molestation trial today.
In a trial filled with more absurdities and freakishness than a Michael Jackson slumber party, accusations of drunken children on flights, holding mothers against their will so that all they were allowed were lengthy visits of having their nails done professionally, naked showers with Macaulay Culkin and chimps doing housework, it all came down to the fact that the jury believed Jacko’s lawyers more than they believed the accusers, who walk away with visions of a civil trial in their eyes.
Jackson now returns to the scene of the non-crime, SUVing home to Neverland Ranch where work on his next album, “I’ll Sleep with Whomever I Goddam Please, Motherfuckers,” continues.

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