The Governator’s way

If you don’t actually live in California, it’s easy to say that we’re all a little (or a lot) insane over here. But actually living here teaches other lessons altogether, including: Money talks.Take the latest circumnavigation of constitutional powers our governor plans to institute. He can’t get his agenda of changes on campaign finance, redistricting, term limits and teacher tenure passed by the elected legislators, so he’s expected this evening to call for a special election so we, the people, can vote on his causes rather than actually allow government to work as designed.
And it’ll only cost the state $80 million.
Schwarzenegger is betting that the small turnout of voters who are even aware of what’s happening will be so confused by the issues and his glowing smile on TV commercials that he’ll get what he wants by hook or by croo… special election. Others say he’s turning a political process into a commercial one, hiring signature takers to get the initiatives on the ballot and hijacking the initiative process.
The upside? If he rolls the dice and his initiatives are defeated, his chances of re-election in 2006 are pretty slim. Oh, and he no longer has to wonder what to do with that extra $80 million, which, in fact, the state doesn’t have in the first place.

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