Gay, Canada!

Every single one of Canada’s existing heterosexual marriages came one step closer to being rendered meaningless as the nation’s ruling government approved four confidence votes in favor of the legalization of same-sex marriage throughout Canada.
God did not appear in a puff of smoke and rain fire and brimstone down on the provinces, nor did Jesus and/or The Holy Ghost come riding in on chariots, and not even Satan made an appearence laughing and passing out cigars as Canada comes within one final step of joining the Netherlands and Belgium as havens of heathen sex rituals.
When asked why no natural disasters befell Canada, yet a 7.2 earthquake struck off the coast of California which recently voted down the question of same-sex marriages, God only shrugged and went back to playing Texas Hold ’em at the Golden Palace along with a grilled cheese sandwich with a picture of the Virgin Mary and a Dorito shaped like the Pope.

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