Suicidal tendencies

We try to keep up, we really do, but one can only visit so many websites in a day! So please forgive us for pointing out that on the official Family Guy Blog, there was a tiny little debate between a cartoonist who said that when another cartoonist blew his own brains out on July 4th, 2001, it was completely understandable, because cartoonists lead lives of quiet desperation leading, apparently, to a need to kill one’s in-laws and then speed down Ventura Boulevard chased by cops until, cornered, the only natural outcome is to shoot oneself in one’s head, despondent about that one frame in that episode of Jem and the Holograms that one fucked up.
On the other hand, being a cartoonist is pretty much a bowl of cherries, and/or working as a cartoonist now is for geeks “what San Francisco must have been like for the Gays in the 70�s.” So they’re all wearing chaps and wifebeaters and huge, bushy mustaches and saving up for motorcycle boots and chest hair implants, or something.
Who knew?

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