Say you’re a conservative state assembly somewhere in America and you don’t think your state colleges should be using tax dollars to promote promiscuity among the students. What do you do?
If you’re Wisconsin, you approve a ban on the sale of the pregnancy-blocking, by-prescription-only Morning-After Pill which will obviously make students think twice before fucking like bunnies in heat, right?
Both Republican-controlled chambers of the Wisconsin Assembly approved the bill on Thursday. It prohibits University of Wisconsin health centers from advertising, prescribing or dispensing emergency contraception. The bill was introduced after a health clinic serving UW-Madison students advertised in campus papers that getting a prescription ahead of any Spring Break drunken shenanigans might be a wise move. Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle says he’ll veto it.
So once again please remember, when Republicans say they want government out of your life, what they mean is that they want government inside your bedroom (or dorm room (or the backseat of your Toyota)).

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