Ass Crack City

Apparently, New York City has an ass crack problem, and not just with its plumbers. Men of every stripe (but, one hopes, more of the fit and muscular than the flabby and sagging) are lowering their wasitbands and exposing inches of butt cleavage and pube tips.
These aren’t the baggy jeans that skater punks and hip-hop wannabes of yore used to lower to their knees, these are the $150+ per pair designer jeans from Seven, Prada and Blue Cult that line the racks of trendy boutiques — and in some cases, the boys are wearing the girls’ styles.
If, in fact, New York is one year ahead of the west coast — and two years ahead of the rest of the country — in fashion trends, I fear that the 2007 pre-election Presidential blitz through the red states is going to depend heavily on one’s ass crack, rather than one’s butthead.

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