U.S. Justice: 3 burned SUVs = 22.5 prison years

In 2000, Jeff Juers was 22 years old and concerned about America’s contributions to global warming. But rather than whine about it on a weblog like you and I, he set fire to three SUVs on a Eugene, Oregon car lot.
So the judge called him an “ecoterrorist” and sentenced to 22 years, 6 months prison time. He is starting his fifth year behind bars this month.
In order to silence him, the Department of Corrections has tried to strip him of all free speech rights while he sits in prison, censoring his outgoing mail and denying CNN and 60 Minutes access to videotape him, all of which are in violation of prison restrictions placed on other prisoners — except those in Gitmo, probably.
In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Luer remains convinced of his views, points out many inconsistencies concerning how the U.S. government defines and handles terrorist acts, and believes his act of anarchy pales in comparison with what corporations get away with every day.

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