Dicks B. Gone

In what is surely a blow (pun intended) to the online dating world, anti-child pornography regulations put into effect today mean that no one can look at your dangly bits anymore.
Designed to protect kids from Michael Jackson, the new rules specify that any images deemed sexually explicit shown in any form must now include proof that the pictures are of an adult over 18 years of age, and that proof is a photo ID on file with the provider, which means that all those digital pictures you took of yourself last week when you looked really thin after your workout are now locked out of public perusal.
While no one’s exactly sure what the full meaning and fallout are likely to be, look for lots and lots and lots of online sex sites — or dating sites, if you prefer — to curtail what they show or disappear entirely.
Because that’s how we protect our children in the United States: take away their text books, teach them that God created Adam and Eve (not Adam and Steve) and feed them junk food and soda while making sure that no one is ever naked again.

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