Knitted brow

What kind of country do we live in? One where, apparently, you cannot show a crocheted crotch. At least that’s what artist Ming-Yi Sung discovered soon after a gallery in Washington put her pieces on display as part of a show called “Not the Knitting You Know.”
The gallery happens to be located in the lobby of a building occupied by the law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. On the morning the exhibit opened, the firm’s management demanded that the work, depicting lifesize human forms in all our naked glory, be removed as it was offensive. Instead, Ms. Sung crocheted several fig leaves and a cod piece (shaped like a cod) to cover various knitted naughty bits.
While even monkey naughty bits are somehow too much to bear, a cow’s big-nippled udder, on the other hand, seems to have escaped scrutiny.

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