Confusing the matter

As the president’s war on terror Saddam Iraqi insurgents high oil prices continues unabated — and things look like they will get worse — Mr. Bush plans a prime time national address where, according to his White House spokesman, he will present a clear strategy for success in a manner that leaves him free of annoying questions from the liberal press and unbothered by radical judges or other talking points.
It’s a sure bet that he will once again site a connection between 9-11 and Iraq’s deposed regime that never existed, and label anyone opposing U.S. intervention into other countries we don’t agree with “terrorists,” whether or not they’ve ever actually attacked us.
By the way, please remember that the only way out is in, the only way forward is backward, and remember the words of Secretary Rumsfeld; that these “final throes” of the conflict should only last “for a number of years.”

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