On what Janice Crouse from Concerned Women for America is calling “a sad day for America,” Viacom is launching their gay-themed network, Logo, on Thursday. And in what can only be labeled the best reason to have the channel, Crouse went on to say that, like MTV, she sees it “as indoctrination of children to present the gay lifestyle as something that’s normal, as something they don’t have any choice over.”
Speaking as an “official gay” to any impressionable straight children out there who may be considering or are curious about becoming homosexuals, let me explain that actually, you can’t. Only gay people are gay. Ms. Crouse and her co-horts have what we adults call “a bug up their butts,” and, no, anal sex won’t dislodge it.
Logo isn’t the first gay channel, but it will be the most widespread, available to around 10 million homes via cable when it launches. So we can finally join all the other demographic groups and be advertised down to like the lowly, misunderstood minority we so long to be.
Like golfers and Donald Rumsfeld.

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