Goin’ to the chapel and we’re…

Canada’s Parliament voted to legalize same-sex marriages throughout the nation Tuesday, and the bill now passes to the Senate for final approval, which is expected to pass easily. Canada then becomes the third nation to allow homosexuals to legally wed one another.
The 158 to 133 vote wasn’t without controversy, of course, and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said he’s going to “revisit this in a future Parliament.” Liberal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler threw some cold water on the heated words by explaining that “they’re going to have to acknowledge that they want to override the (Charter of Rights), override constitutional-law decisions in nine jurisdictions in this country, override a unanimous decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, override the rule of law in this country.”
So there.
Meanwhile in the U.S., nothing is any better, most people polled still think the gays aren’t worthy of the institution of marriage and the Bush League mouths its platitudes to the far, far, far right about changing the nation’s constitution to include legalized inequality. Yay, us.

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