Intelling on you!

After being found guilty of violating Japan’s antitrust rules and being investigated by the European Union for also violating their antitrust laws, Intel is again under fire in the courts by rival AMD. The company claims that the chip maker freezes out competition by using price cuts and rebates to get exclusive deals with computer makers (Dell, HP and Sony, to be specific). Then, Intel threatens to withhold payment of the kick-backs in retaliation if those manufacturers consider using AMD’s chips instead.
Intel denies the charges, unsurprisingly, and pretty much calls AMD a jealous, petty little whiner. AMD points its finger right back stating that it has “nothing to be jealous of, you big fat hack, because our chips kick your chips ass!”
In Japan, Toshiba admitted that it was receiving $25-$30 million per quarter from Intel to use their chips exclusively, labeling such financial inducements ‘cocaine.’ Gateway’s Ted Waitt reportedly told an AMD executive that in order to return to profitability in 2001, he’d be willing to drop AMD’s chips in favor of Intel. And when HP started using AMD chips in 2002, the company wanted AMD to choke up $25 million in compensation for Intel’s expected financial retaliation.
AMD has sent letters to 40 PC-makers, retailers and distributors asking them to save all internal communications regarding the choice of chip maker for a possible future court date.

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