One you probably won’t see at Smoking Gun: Jeffrey Vernon Merkey lives in Utah. Mr. Merkey says that he’s been involved in Open Source development for 10 years, specifically relating to Linux. Mr. Merkey just filed suit against SlashDot, Groklaw and 230 other online sites and even some real people because, according to Mr. Merkey, they’re all violating his constitutional and statutory rights to free speech and religion.
And what’s more, Slashdot is “a far right wing Internet news website that posts libelous (sic) and defamatory content and is used by Open Source Community members to anonymously post hate speech, death threats, threats to murder and promotes and advocates acts of domestic terrorism within the United States.” Which is wacky!
I’m thinking of suing Kottke. Sometimes, but only sometimes, he links to dumb things which irritate me. Hate that!

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