Duck soup

For those of you biting your nails out there over the pending global disaster known as Avian Flu, good news! It appears that the deadly strain just waiting to be unleashed will have a much easier time getting from Asia to the rest of the world! Yay!
The flu has spread to migratory flocks of birds rather than captive chickens and other fowl, and 5,000 dead ducks (and geese) have been found at Lake Qinghaihu in western China — and being that this is western China, that means they’re closer to Europe, and you, and me!
So far, avian flu hasn’t made the leap to human communicability, but the World Health Organization believes that if (when?) it mutates, millions will be dead before it’s over. All it needs is to be passed to a human already carrying a human flu virus — but that’ll never happen.

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