Fido flunky

If you think you’ve seen everything, think again, and also take comfort in your ideas about that stupid hobby of yours that someone said might make a good business because, well, it can’t be as silly as, where, for $30 and a picture of your pooch, site owner Jenny send you just the exact perfect name for your dog, so you don’t have to go to all that trouble!
Jenny will send you three names, and if you find you don’t actually like them she’ll return your money, satisfaction guaranteed!
So if you’re still sitting on your fat ass wishing you could think of a way to make Google gazillions from just one good Internet Idea like Dog Namer, here are some other professions to consider:

  • Errant Sock Replacement Services
  • Seasoning Consultant (how much salt is too much?)
  • Diet Coke Selection Expert (With lime? Vanilla? Plain? TAB? Splenda? Bottle or can?)
  • Carpet Height Admin.
  • Boredom Aleviation Manager
  • Web Site Navigation Label Specialist
  • Shirt Tucking Advisor
  • Meme Wrangler
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