Make mine meat!

Okay, so… here’s a little something to think about when you’ve nothing better to do than ponder the future of meat production. A team of scientists is divising a way to grow meat in a laboratory that would be edible and more nutritious than standard cow-based food.
They’ve already produced small amounts of edible muscle tissue that could be used in future space missions, and cultured meat for mass production is the next step in the process.
How would they do it? Hold on to your gorge! One method is to grow healthy muscle tissue in large flat sheets on thin membranes that they’d then pile up to simulate meat. The other is to grow muscle cells on small beads that stretch with changes in temperature, resulting in faux meat McNuggets — just like regular McNuggets!
Growing it is no challenge. The problem is making it taste like animal protein, with the necessary fat/muscle ratio and somehow “exercising” the meat just like an animal would.

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