Roving reporters

If Newsweek is right, and it appears that they are since no one’s denying anything, then the Minister of Darkness, Karl Rove, is the mouth that spilled the beans to the press about Valerie Plame’s C.I.A. lifestyle. Or one of those who did — either way, it’s coming clear that it was the White House that leaked the name in one way or another, and now their dance of legal speak begins.
It depends on what your definition of “is” is, to quote another legal dance expert.
It’s not hard to predict that, once again, the administration is likely to squeeze its way out of this sticky wicket just as it has again and again, over much larger issues like fixing the documentation over the war in Iraq and bringing in the Enron boys to help plan out the nation’s energy policy.
One can hope, however, that it’s a simple mistake like this one, perhaps done in the heat of the moment as a way to get back at Ms. Plame’s husband, that puts the first nail in the coffin of the worst presidential administration since Nixon.
Also: Watch for deflection tactics. Already, Republicans are trying to make an issue out of Hillary comparing our fearless leader with Alfred E. Neuman, which I think we can all agree does a huge disservice to Alfred.

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