Problem Solved!

You love pornography, you’ve got no shame. But everyone else is so damn uptight. I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy hot barely legal girl on girl action at Starbucks, while sipping a triple lowfat soy latte with a shot of caramel and nibbling on a cranberry scone? Now you can watch girls (and boys) go wild anywhere you are so that even the guy sitting next to you in the cheap seats on your LaGuardia to Denver flight won’t know what you’re up to — unless you do something disgusting to give yourself away. New Sharp monitors now will not only project in both left and right directions, you can control how wide the viewing angle of your screen is – narrow if you’re being secretive, wide if you want to share. Now instead of watching Blues Brothers 2000 on your flight, feel free to watch the Paris Hilton video, but make sure you’ve got your headphones on, the part where she stops riding Rick to catch a cell phone call will be a dead giveaway to your seat mates you’re up to no good.

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