Schwarzenegger’s double take

California governor and likely steroid abuser Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an $8 Million endorsement deal with the publisher of bodybuilding magazines two days before being sworn into office, and there wouldn’t ordinarily be anything wrong with that — except that the funds come from 1% of magazine ad revenue, many of which are health supplements.
And, oops, Arnold vetoed legislation last year that would have imposed government regulations on… the health supplements industry! Talk about things that make you go “holy shit!”
Elected officals can keep their outside jobs by law, and in his defense his office said he vetoed the bill because it focused on the wrong thing, namely banning certain substances that haven’t proven harmful (or, for that matter, effective) rather than focusing on steroid abuse. In his veto, he said most dietary supplements are safe (and, he did not add, highly profitable) and that the bill would have been difficult to implement.
Plus, $8 million out of his pocket.

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