Hierarchy of the non-believers

In these times of overwhelming Christian agendas and the rise of the Bible-thumpers, what’s an atheist to do? It seems like the only class of people in the U.S. more detested and misunderstood than us fags are the heathen non-believers. Faced with the growing political power of the fundamentalist organization, atheists are trying to team up and present a united front, struggling to make their tiny little voices heard within the flood of bestsellers about the afterlife and films about bloody, suffering Jesus.
Atheists are often portrayed as, variously, immoral, unpatriotic, disrespectful and lacking integrity as if a belief in a God somehow magically makes people moral, patriotic, respectful of others and filled with a truthful integrity. Rather than sit back and shake their heads at the idiocy of it all, some atheists are now trying to band together and use the lessons of the religious right to their own advantage.
But can any politician with the official endorsement of an atheist group possibly win an election in the current climate of religious intolerance?

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