Make room in your closet

Scientists in Vancouver are DNA-testing tufts of Sasquatch fur in order to find out what a Bigfoot is made of. The hair was turned in by residents of a Yukon town who think VancouverEdmonton scientists are really, really gullible.
One geneticist believes the fur will turn out to be from a bear or other large creature already catalogued in the analsannals of scientific discovery, but admits that if there’s even a remote chance that the stuff really is Bigfoot fur, the tests are worth having.
Meanwhile, PETA has issued a statement defending the Sasquatch’s right to its own fur and has vowed to travel to the Yukon and start throwing red paint on everyone, just because.
(Bigfoot gets me so excited that I can’t think straight — erm, right. Uh… correctly.)

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