Melinguistic movie

Having conquered the world of Jesus sadism fetish films, Mel Gibson is now turning his attention the equally small but probably much less lucrative sphere of Mayan language movies. Gibson is teaming up with Disney to make “Apocalypto,” to be shot on location in Mexico using unknown actors who will speak all the dialog in Mayan.
“I’m confident that there’s a huge audience of Mayans out there who aren’t being catered to by Hollywood,” the insanely dedicated actor/director did not say. “My plan is to make a series of films about a crazy Mayan police officer and his Incan partner, an aging cop nearing retirement. The two have all these wild, insane chases on foot around temples until the Spaniards come and everyone dies of syphilis.”
The film is scheduled for release next summer. The title is taken from the Greek word meaning “blame the Jews.”

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