Nudge now or nudge later?

Why worry about Iraq and terrorism and gay marriage? By 2036, we’ll all be dead anyway — or at least as-good-as if a certain asteroid manages to dance a little to the left so that it can slam into the Earth on its round-trip.
Yes, once again we’re being told that an asteroid is headed our way, but like every other doomsday prediction this one has a slew of caveats if we want everything to work out exactly wrong. The asteroid will certainly miss us on its first pass on April 13, 2029 (yes, it’s a Friday). But if it passes through a keyhole in space — one of a handful of 2,000-foot pockets of gravity — that could reposition it just enough to slam it home 11 years later.
So the question now is this: Do we shoot something up at Asteroid 99942 now and nudge it half-a-mile (which we can do) and buy us some insurance, or wait and see what happens and possibly need to shove it roughly 8,000 miles later (which we can’t)?

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