White is right

There’s an entire population of women out there doing everything they can to avoid getting any color from accidental exposure to the sun’s rays. Asian American women are spending lots of cash on perfecting the porcelain profile, going so far as wearing masks to cover their faces while driving and spedning thousands of dollars for “mesofacial” treatments involving skin bleaching and moisturizing using electrical fields.
It is all part, apparently, of an Asian ideal known as si si wen wen, meaning roughly that white skin is more polite and that women should, I guess, blend into the background and be quiet and pale and sort of like, I dunno, paper or something. But not college-ruled paper, and probably acid-free and smooth, so not for watercolor. But not as white as Michael Jackson. Because that’s just gross. More like Nicole Kidman, the Botox queen.
Can you tell that I’m making this up as I go? Anyway, uh, so, some Asian women think white skin is really cool. And this is news.

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