Who Wants To Be An Indonesian Maid?

18,000 people lined up in Indonesia to be actor Ari Wibowo’s live-in maid for a “reality ” TV show. Sure, Mr. Wibowo is one of Indonesia’s top-rated stars and, sure, everyone wants to be on TV and vie to be the servant of some ego-driven soap opera “actor,” but what’s really got everyone hot and bothered is the cash prize — 10 million rupiah!
That’s around $1,000 to you and me.
A typical Indonesian maid makes $30 a month plus room and board. One women’s rights activist there calls the job “modern-day slavery,” since there are no legal protections, no regulations and no rights given to the title, meaning as a maid you can be expected to work all the time and do whatever your employer asks of you. 11-hour days, low pay, no education and no vacation are par for the course. Except you can’t go golfing, either.

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