Chat scam

What’s a poor Nigerian scam artist to do when everyone’s hip to his Spam scam? Start online dating, instead.
You sort of have to hand it to them — instead of cashing in on greed (offering you a cut of millions in stuck international funds), they’re using loneliness instead. In one case, a scammer strung along a woman for four months, even sending her chocolates and a Teddy Bear with mash notes, before springing the old “I only have these money orders and I’m doing business in a foreign country, won’t you help me out, my love?” She did, and she nows owes the bank $2,700.
Another man met a fellow Grateful Dead fan in a chat room and met another person “working outside the country,” who needed just a little financial help — to the tune of $11,000.
To paraphrase an old cliché, trust someone you meet online only as far as you can throw them in person.

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