Anti-cancer recipe

First, take some carbon nanotubes. Then coat them in folate molecules (a type of B vitamin, available at most Chinese delicatessens). Inject these into cancerous cells. Don’t worry if you get some on your normal cells. Finally, point a near-infrared laser at them to heat them to 70ºC. Et voilá! Dead cancer cells!
Researchers at Stanford have discovered that carbon nanotubes make excellent heaters to go inside cancer cells and kill them, without harming any other healthy cells around them. Cancer cells tend to be coated with folate receptors, so coating nanotubes in folate molecules make them mutually attractive.
When they used a near-infrared laser — completely harmless to normal cells — it heated up the tubes and they destroys the cancerous cells they were stuck to.
Folate was used as a sort of catch-all, and next they plan on trying it with antibody-coated nanotubes to target specific types of cancer cells.

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