Nuclear weapon casualties

Since 2000, almost 100,000 claims have been filed nationwide by employees of nuclear weapon research sites detailing the health hazards associated with creating better bombs. There are 35 sites in California alone, and among these one site — The Lawrence Livermore Laboratory — accounts for half of the 3,500 California-based claims.
Some of those are due to just plain ignorance. Workers would wander into radiation-contaminated areas without protective gear. They were assigned to film open-air nuclear blasts from 15 miles away. And the extent of some safety instructions from technicians was as helpful as “don’t pick up any of that green stuff.”
The health claims don’t move through government bureaucracy any faster than anything else. While they’re suffering through cancer and its various treatments and repeated operations, they’re also waiting 3-5 years to get compensated.
Assuming that they live that long.

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