Weblog noise level continues to rise

According to Weblog search engine portal thing Technorati, a new Blog is born every second, meaning that by the time you finish reading this sentence, fifteen new Blogs will be waiting for you to ignore.
Furthermore, the total number of Blogs has doubled in the last five months, and will probably double again in the next five, leading to a worldwide Blogglut of nearly 30 million meandering, meaningless, mumble-mouthed Bloggers.
Like us!
13% of you are updating at least weekly, and 55% of new bloggers manage to stick with it for at least three months before, we assume, growing tired and bored and frustrated with the whole online world ignoring you, whereupon you pack it in and go back to starting flame wars on other people’s blogs.
Technorati’s main man, David Sifry, credits free blogging services and the growth of using RSS feeders to, ahem, “push” content out as leading factors in the continuing growth of the Blogosphere, or Blogocube as you prefer.

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