Treating alcoholism with drugs

Next month, the FDA is expected to approve Vivitrex for use by alcoholics. Vivitrex is a once-a-month injection containing the drug naltrexone which blocks pleasure pathways in the brain associated with alcohol addiction. Those that have been on the medication during ten years of clinical study report that, yes, it really works.
Alcoholism has often been seen as more of a moral failing or character flaw than a treatable disease, and alcoholics have had to treat it by denying themselves the thing their body constantly craves through AA meetings, counseling and therapy. You can’t just tell an alcoholic they shouldn’t drink — they already know that better than you do.
Vivitrex works like a time-release pill, diffusing in the body over a period of time so that the patient doesn’t have to remember to take a daily pill. It’s not a cure-all by any means, but use of the drug cut the average number of heavy drinking days in alcoholics from 19 days a month to three, and 88% of patients in clinical trials wanted to continue treatment.

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