ANNOUNCING: The Correspondent Correspondence Contest!

If you’re a regular reader of over the past several months, you’ll have noted that links are posted by me, Lance, the owner of said site, and a group of semi-anonymous writers whose participation of late could be said to be “spotty at best.” And as every good blogger knows, you can’t run a Weblog without links.
So I’m looking for a few good participants to lend their voices and opinions to as permanent (or semi-permanent) correspondents. This contest is open to everyone and anyone who’s interested in A) finding interesting and/or stupid things out there on the Web, B) able to either make intelligent comments on or to completely make fun of said things, and C) willing to post at least one new link each weekday here at glassdog.

The current set of authors have elected to post under assumed names, and you can either do so, too, if you’d rather keep some semblance of privacy but still want to rant, rave and shove according to your individual level of sarcasm and/or anger, or post under your own name. I am looking for 4-5 people, and all you have to do is post links with opinionated commentary attached.
We’ll discuss the more detailed info about linking and commenting and so forth later, but first you’ve got to strut your stuff for me by sending in an example of a post you’d place on the front page of this site.
If you’ve seen the site, you already know the drill. We tend to be snarky, opinionated… even mean. Op-ed pieces are also welcome ala Ponyboy’s many rants, but you have to be able to back up your rant and respond to flames or comments that it may bring. Editorially, I never get involved in what anyone else posts to this site. If you’ve been invited to be here, I trust you.
The contest will run through the end of August, but I will begin inserting new writers as quickly as I find them and once I have the maximum tally, I can accept no more submissions (until one of them stops posting, of course).
There’s no money to be made, no fame or fortune, so I have no idea why you’d want to do this — so I’ll leave your reasons up to you.

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