Notice of hiatus

I’m sure some of you are wondering just what the hell, if anything, is going on with glassdog and why there have been no new entries — or sporadic ones at best — for the past few weeks. And all I can tell you is that I have become incredibly busy with several projects lately and I had to let something slide, and it was this. My fellow authors have also been up to the daily running of their lives, and because there are already so many other worthy and/or entertaining portals from which one may get one’s daily news dose, I’ve elected to place on hiatus for the foreseeable future.
This grand experiment in terror was quite a bit of fun, but also much more work than I anticipated. At one time, time itself was not an issue, I had plenty of it. Now… not so much. And if I’m going to keep my sense of humor intact and not go completely insane trying to keep up with everything, I’ve got to step back once again from this personal, unfinanced but also fulfilling online project one more time and get other things in order (or figure them out) before coming back here to see what’s next for this site.
So thanks to anyone still paying attention for sticking it out, I hope you experienced as much fun and anger as I did over the past several months as we watched the world go slowly crazy together, and I’ll be back with something else soon.
– Lance

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