Welcome back to the grand new, brand old GLASSDOG!

Hello again, faithful readers. As you can see, we’ve gone and done it again, mocked up some farce of a web site masquerading as a thing of purpose and meaning when the only goal remains to make fun of everything we can before it all disappears in a wisp of nuclear fusion.
We stepped back and took a look at how the site was being used (and abused) and it occurred to us that most of the crap that used to appear along the sides was just that — crap. Archives? Categories? Badges? What the hell for? All you want is the latest junk we’ve found or created, and that’ll appear here. Then you want to find that funny thing we did a while ago where we talked about lint and carpeting, so you may need to search for something, and that’s up top. Lastly, some of you actually don’t want to come here at all and just want the goods delivered, so you want the RSS feed link, which is also up top.
There. Done. Simple.
So we’ll keep on keeping on, heading into our — Oh Dear Lord — 10th year on the Web in 2006. We promise to try to keep up with the Joneses and get into all the newest, oldest toys like Audio and Video and interactive whatnot for you to play with. Meantime, thanks for dropping by and be sure to say Hello!

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