The traveller’s nightmare

I’ll have to rethink my ideas of a bad travel day after reading this story about the passengers of an Air India flight from Los Angeles to New Delhi via Frankfurt.

The flight was scheduled to take off Monday, but the plane blew a tire on take off, dumped fuel over the ocean and landed back at LAX safely, except for the damage done to a runway and the 200 lbs. in rubber and metal left there. Tuesday, second attempt, but one engine wouldn’t start on their second plane and after sitting on the tarmac for 5 hours they were shuttled to a hotel at 2:30 in the morning.

Third attempt, their 1PM flight managed to get off the ground at 4:30 – after a 45-hour delay. Whee!

Frankly, after that long, I’d probably have just stayed in Los Angeles, even if it is hell.

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