Advertising works!

Having worked in the online marketing field for the past five years and having also managed to escape with the tattered remnants of my deep black soul, it’s surprising to me that any form of advertising is effective at all.

But a new (and probably biased) study from the University of Connecticut states that for every alcohol ad a “young person” watches, it increases number of drinks they’re going to imbibe by 1%. So 1 ad = 1 more drink, give or take.

The only ad for alcohol that’s had any effect on me is that Disaronno one where some multi-ethnic Yuppies are in a Disaronno-only bar ordering Disaronno’s when the cute bartender starts to take away some chick’s drink, but she stops him so she can suck the remnants off an ice cube. Suck off an ice cube.

Hmm, I wonder why that appeals to me so much?

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