Detroit, like Hollywood, officially out of new ideas

The new Dodge Challenger “concept” looks exactly – exactly – like it just rolled off the assembly line circa 1971. Round headlights and all.

Since I’m actually old enough to remember these cars when they were made back when they were made to look like this, it seems to me like, uh, so, what are the car designers getting paid for, exactly? I mean, can I walk into a design shop and go get a Revell plastic model of a 1975 AMC Pacer and say “this is the new new thing?” First they remake the Mustang, now this.

Keep in mind that the Mini was not reintroduced to look exactly like its predecessor, they actually created several models that showed the evolution that the car would have made in the intervening years instead of slapping the old design on a new powertrain and calling it “exciting and new!”

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