I haven’t been to the South by Southwest Conference for a couple of years, and I’m starting to think it’s time for a return.

Of course, I don’t actually want to attend the conference, which usually consists of a lot of talking heads trying to sound interesting in the face of subject matter that’s anything but — and I should know, because I’ve sat a panel or two and know what it’s like to have all those glassy-eyed audience members IMing each other as you try to convince them that design really is fun and interesting, which it is but only to other designers and mostly they all wonder how the fuck you ended up sitting on the panel instead of them.

The reasons to go to SXSW are not to learn anything new, since there is nothing new to learn unles you’re curious about huge healines and rounded corners and RSS and using your iPod to listen to people who sit around and type all day talk about sitting around and typing all day instead. No, the reasons to go are A) to get drunk as often as possible, hopefully at someone else’s expense and B) to hook up with someone new and interesting that you may never see again and see them naked because, hey, why not, you’re drunk.

So… should I go? Who is going? Keep in mind that I’m twice as old as the average SXSWer, I don’t like C&W music or bars, I am currently unattached so I can have as much sex as I want to with as many willing partners as are willing to partner, and I’m unemployed and mostly broke.

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